Dosage Form

With every product that we make at Organimed, there are various delivery methods that we offer to cater to all final products you have in mind. Having the proper dosage for the product is important as compliance with FDA regulations determines the popularity of the product. We are a completely customizable facility that can make a dosage that fits your product needs.

We offer a wide array of dosages with quantities preselected while you can change them up as you see fit. With our state of the art technology along with experts in various industries, Organimed can execute a high-quality product according to your preferences. There are mainly 5 different delivery forms we can offer.

Review all our options before selecting the dosage that best fits your needs.


Capsules are made of Vegetarian HPMC Plant Cellulose that  the patient swallows.

They have the ability to contain both an over the counter drug or a dietary supplement. Thus a capsule is an extremely easy delivery system. Hard capsules are made of 2 separate shells that are joined together and contain the product inside them. One benefit that comes along with capsules is that they can be absorbed quickly by the body. This means that you can have a lower dosage in the capsules.

Another advantage of the lower doses is that the size of the capsule is also decreased into smaller, easily swallowable pills. Many use capsules to mask the odour and strange taste of many supplements or drugs. Organimed can make hard capsules in any size, shape and colour. This makes them more appealing to the customer and offers differentiation in the product. In certain hard shells, you can even add a logo or text through our machines for an added branding effect.

Organimed makes 100s of thousand pills and thousands of bottles per day with our advanced equipment and experts. We have a gruelling testing process to ensure the highest quality and consistency in all shells. Our dedicated quality control department makes sure that the client gets a product that is well beyond their expectations and follows all health and safety guidelines as well.


For a more solid form of dosage, you can opt for a tablet. Ogranimed makes tablets in many different shapes and sizes and they are completely customizable by the client. The supplements are compressed into a solid form using our state of the art machinery which allows for consistency and accuracy. Options you can tailor to suit your tablet are the size, weight, shape, dissolution and disintegration.

You can even choose the type of tablet from compressed, chewable and time-release. Our experts are able to handle all types of tablets that you may want. One reason why you may consider tablets is that they can be made cheaper on a larger scale than other forms. Since they are light and compact their dosage accuracy is also well maintained and they can be swallowed by the customers. 

The manufacturing of tablets at our facility is a multi-step process. We source the best materials, mix and blend them till no clumps remain. Then we continue with the usual process of granulation, drying, compacting, and coating. At each stage of the process, Organimed professionals test the quality of the product. We have vigilant checks to make sure the final product meets our standards.


Many companies only offer a limited amount of flavours and types when it comes to powder supplements. Organimed has a wide array of flavours, to choose from that will make your product exceptional. We have a research and development team that can help you develop your product to appeal to the masses.

You can choose your flavour and the ingredients that go in your powder to make a product that meets all the nutritional needs. If you want to streamline the process, we even have pre-formulated powders that you can make small changes to have a customized product. Some of the types of powders we manufacture include sports nutrition, whey proteins, weight loss aids green powders and anything else that you can think of. We have flexible options in all our powders to meet your criteria.

With powders, clients can control the dosage of the product and adjust it. Powders are easily absorbed thus we make sure that we are precise with the quantities. When manufacturing we make sure that all the ingredients are blended and focus is put on the packing as well. We take great care of everything from the packaging to the colour to ensure the product sells well.


4. Tinctures

If your product is a liquid, you may go with a tincture for your form of delivery. A tincture is a glass or plastic bottle that contains a small pipette. This is very useful if you have an exact measurement for the amount of product to be used.

The tincture can be used for any type of liquid product and at Organimed we have the best customizable tinctures. You can choose the type, size and colour of the bottle as well as the material. We will make sure your product shines in those bottles so they attract the customers. In most cases, these tinctures are used for herbal oils or in cosmetics. We deal with all types of tinctures whether they contain plant extracts or herbs you can add any type of liquid product to these bottles.

5. Cream (Cosmetics)

Oraganimed offers refined and exclusively customized creams. We provide our clients with custom ready-made formulas for all creams. Our creams can be manufactured for cosmetics as well as for medicinal uses. The types of creams we manufacture are gels, lotions, ointments, pastes and even liquids. We also have a large variety of cosmetic products that we make including skincare, bath products, toiletries, and hair care. Our specialists and finest equipment can handle all your cream product needs.

We have also optimized our production so the entire process takes place with ease. Since we source our ingredients from the best vendors performing multiple quality checks, we can ensure high-quality for luxurious cosmetic products. Our ability to manufacture and streamline the entire process is why we are one of the leading manufacturers in the country. 

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