KURALL Face and Body Balm

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Kurall soothing Balm is a golden, lightweight, highly nourishing and soothing Balm. Harnessing the healing powers of hemp seeds oil and formulated with nature’s most precious botanicals oils, such as Arnica ,Eucalyptus ,Rose etc. This fabulous balm is sure to nourishing the skin and bring out your natural glow.

2 reviews for KURALL Face and Body Balm

  1. Michael Smith

    I applied this cream to a localized area and could not believe the calming affect it had on my shoulder! WOW! As a long suffering athletic guy, this product is better than anything i have ever tried! I have to get more..

    • admin

      Thanks for your awesome review 🙂 Our primary goal is to help heal all sentient beings with mothers Natures own products.. Glad to hear she had another success!

  2. Michael Smith

    As an update…. I am “bone on bone” on my right knee, and have been hobbling around for 2 yrs…. Applying this cream has been a godsend! I am back to walking the golf course and playing hockey 3 times a week with little to no pain. Kurall is helping me live actively again!

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