Top Questions to Ask Dietary Supplement Contract Manufacturer

Not all the dietary supplement contract manufacturers are treated as equals. Like questioning a candidate, the dietary manufacturer should be asked several questions to check the supplement product’s reputation. It is also best for creating trust between them to fit in the business.

So, these are the ten selected questions that should be asked from your dietary supplement contract manufacturer before placing an order.

1.Ask about the history and background of the companies and the time spent operating 

An experienced and reputed contract manufacturer is proud to discuss their company information. It may be the history, location, faculty, and mentioning their working experience as well. It would help to know the supplement’s quality as history would ensure the rate they are selling with working experience. However, if their necessary information is not present on the internet or if they did not entertain your question then it would put a red flag on their sale. This would alarm the situation as wrong information misleads towards cheap and health risking quality dietary supplements.

2. Get an idea of their available manufacturing capacity for tablets and capsules too

In dietary supplements, it is essential to have large and bulk availability of tablets and capsules . If the company or manufacturer failed to show the reasonably high capability of tablets and capsules. Then don’t prefer that contract manufacturer. Even if you do not select large orders, this could result in emergencies in rapid business success. It should be safe and secure to be ready for ordering a large quantity of the supplementary products.

3. Ask them whether they provide end-to-end solutions in-house

In many cases, the contract manufacturer encourages outsourcing. They do not offer any reasonable solution or service to buyers. This results in hiring a middleman who would select the price, take deliveries, and handle other technicalities. However, this would result in an extra charge and a middleman’s fee. Therefore, always prefer those contract manufacturers who provide end-to-end-solutions in-house. A turn-key solution manufacturer would provide all solutions from start to finish. One of those examples is Organimed. A manufacturer like Organimed works together internally and provides customer support services.

4. Ask for the certification their facility is equipped with

Certification is the most important step to ask the dietary supplementary contract manager if you want to have a quality product. The company should have certificates with registration and approvals from top health associations. Ensure that they are FDA registered, GMP compliance, Safe quality food licensed, and Private label manufacturer association. This shows the quality of the product the manufacturers are selling, increasing the buyer, and end-users trust.

5. Ask about their regulatory processes and know if they can help you stay compliant in US and export markets

An experienced and professional Dietary Supplement contract manufacturer would undoubtedly be having an expert and in-house regulatory team. They follow the regulatory policies and stay compliant with FDA registration and GMP compliance too. It would ensure that all products are from the US and the regulatory export markets are on the way. Regulatory and in-house show apparent attention towards a keen understanding of the policies.

6. Ask if they an offer In-house lab

Ensure that the dietary supplement contract manufacturer provides the in-house lab testing and trusted external laboratory service. The experienced manufacturer is equipped with raw materials, testing apparatuses, finished products, composition tests, etc. This test might include only heavy metal, microbiological, and testing kits to check in-house lab services. All these things are essential to verify that the product is not contaminated, and the finished product is pure and of superior quality.

7. Know about their quality control process and how strong is it

The contract manufacturers who are highly known and experienced are transparent with their customers in everything they ask. Rather than moulding questions, a good manufacturer will describe their quality control process without hesitation. It includes tight adherence to all environments, tight control over documentation, and new changes coming in policies. The batch process control also comes in the superior quality control process, and these batches are formulated consistently, which is a sign of an experienced contract manufacturer.

8. Know about their internal and external audits

The experience and dependable dietary supplement contract manufacturer would always keep a proper internal audit schedule. This should include performing both scheduled and unscheduled audits to ensure compliance with FDA, GMP, food and drug associations, the United States code of federal regulations, and many more, etc. These audits would ensure product quality, label, logo, packaging, insurance, and other departments. Apart from internal audits, an experienced manufacturer would handle external audit or third-party audits and if the product is sold in Canada too, then Health Canada certification will be needed as well.

9. Ask whether they ask vendors for raw materials and Packaging to help negotiate better pricing 

Most of the well-known and reputed dietary supplement contract manufacturers have strong links and connections with the local vendors. Their relationship is for quality raw material and cheap packaging to save money rather than going for experts. It would help to negotiate the price and help counter any financial issue for the company.

10. Ask about their minimum order requirements and criteria

A trusted and reliable dietary supplement manufacturer would be having a strong connection with their clients with large order requirements. If it’s not like that, then it raises a red flag for them for not selling high minimum orders, or their company is not reputed or qualified enough to do so.

It is tough to find a reliable, trusted, and reputed dietary supplement contract manufacturer as it needs a risk in their money and time. These ten questions are essential to ask from a contract manufacturer in hope of an entertaining and satisfying answer. If not, you should be alert and can go for other options for a manufacturer.

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