White Label Manufacturing

Organimed is a manufacturing facility that aids in packing and manufacturing of all types of products. We source only the highest-grade raw materials to ensure that each product is the best it can be. Our fully equipped facility can handle all types of orders whether they are of a large quantity or small batch orders. Organimed deals in all kinds of products including vitamins, nutritional products, cosmetics or skincare. We can make a customized formula based on the client’s needs or tweak the pre-made formula to match their preferences.

We Make Products for Life

Organimed has a large facility with advanced equipment to ensure the highest quality products are made.

We have quick turnaround times and expedited shipping which makes us much faster than our competitors. We can custom manufacture any product from nutrition to supplements with customization to the formula and the brand and packaging as well.

We possess the ability to manufacture all types of products from cosmetics to vitamins, supplements, and private labelling can also be done with us.

Tablet manufacturing

Customizable tablets are available in all shapes and sizes for any supplement needs. With the highest quality raw materials packed together to produce top-notch tablets with your brand embossed in each one.

Capsule manufacturing

Our capsules come in various different colours and sizes. The capsule itself can be made from 2 different types to fit all dietary needs. Any type of capsule containing a powder can be made at our facility.

Cosmetic manufacturing

The cosmetic manufacturing process is highly challenging and competition in the worldwide cosmetic is intense. Let us help you get ahead!

Powder manufacturing

Get a quicker response for your customers using powders. With flexible dosing options and mixing in drinks and food, powders are an easy way to get your supplements to the consumer.

We Make Products for Life

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Liquid manufacturing

When it comes to liquids, we have a plethora of options. We also offer complete customizability from tinctures. All types of liquids can be formulated and packed into the desired packaging.

Vitamin manufacturing

With us, you get a transparent manufacturing process. Vitamins are made with the highest quality ingredients at the cheapest price. Our practices make sure there is no contamination and the vitamins are pure no matter the type.


Climate controlled rooms with state of the art technology both come into play for the manufacturing of probiotics. They boost the immune system and are the most natural way of getting nutrients for the body.


We offer many types of bodybuilding supplements to choose from. From protein, creatine, fat burner to multivitamin, any type of formula can be discussed and made in our facility.

Custom Formulator and Manufacturer for Prestige Natural Products

With onsite chemists, formulators, in-house R&D, and processing teams – we connect with you, turning your ideas into indulgent products and brands that transcend consumer demands.

Sports Nutrition

The needs of athletes are often more demanding than those of regular people. Thus a specialized supplement plan can be made for them. These supplements meet the nutritional needs of these athletes so they can perform better.

Flavour development

Our extensive team of experts and lab technicians help build a unique flavour for your supplements. The flavours are tested and tried to ensure that your supplement tastes great and has unique favours to offer.

Packaging design

We give our clients complete control over their branding. From the colour, shape and even size of their logos. We also have an in-house design team that tirelessly works to bring your vision to life with insights to make the product sell better.

Protein manufacturing

The highest quality ingredients are sourced, whether it’s whey or soy any type of plant blessed protein supplement can be made at our plant. With the option to choose from large quantity orders to smaller ones we make sure each protein is top-notch.