About Us

Organimed is a manufacturing facility that aids in packing and manufacturing of all types of products. We source only the highest-grade raw materials to ensure that each product is the best it can be. Our fully equipped facility can handle all types of orders whether they are of a large quantity or small batch orders.

Organimed deals in all kinds of products including vitamins, nutritional products, cosmetics or skincare. We can make a customized formula based on the client’s needs or tweak the pre-made formula to match their preferences.


At Organimed, we cater to your needs. Throughout the entire process of formulating, powder filling, liquid filling and manufacturing, we treat your product with the top notch and high quality care it deserves. Our company has years of experience in the industry, thus we use our expertise and responsiveness to offer a hands-on approach from the concept till the distribution. With our wide range of services, all your needs can be met in one place. Our experts make sure that all products are produced with the highest quality, performing multiple checks throughout the entire process. Our manufacturing process includes 5 major steps that make the system run smoothly.


At Organimed we staff experts in all fields from knowledgeable researchers to professionals chemists. Even our management staff is skillful and able to complete each task skillfully. Along with our staff, we have the latest technologies and equipment to ensure that the product comes out perfectly. No matter what type of product you have, we are more than capable of handling it.

Our team gives you customizable options as well as a strict quality control process which ensures that you get the best. We have many types of manufacturing for different products that you want from powders to capsules ,vitamins and even cosmetics. All your products can be customized and manufactured using our high-grade technologies.

Dosage Form

With every product that we make at Organimed, there are various delivery methods that we offer to cater to all final products you have in mind. Having the proper dosage for the product is important as compliance with FDA regulations determines the popularity of the product. We are a completely customizable facility that can make a dosage that fits your product needs.

We offer a wide array of dosages with quantities preselected while you can change them up as you see fit. With our state of the art technology along with experts in various industries, Organimed can execute a high-quality product according to your preferences. There are mainly 5 different delivery forms we can offer.

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